Investing in Africa

Interested in finding an investor? Apply for the Africa Investment Event before 9 October 2022

Investing in Africa

AFSIC, a large-scale event focused on matching business and investment opportunities in Africa, invites applicants for its annual Investing in Africa event. The 2022 event, which will be held in London on October 10th and 11th, is focused on ensuring attending companies seeking funding meet the right African investors to access the investment they need.

Participating companies will be offered a unique opportunity to discover and develop a robust network of the highest quality business leaders and investors. Additionally, participants will be given access to two days of VIP keynote discussions and premium panels for industry sectors in banking, agriculture, sustainable growth, infrastructure, education, power, and fintech. County-focused sessions will offer insights into individual countries’ investment climates and regulations with attractive investment opportunities.

Interested participants should register with the Africa Business Community to be offered affordable registration rates for the event.

For more information about the event and registration details, visit:  Africa Investment Event 2022

Making Your Business Investment-Ready

Many small businesses go through a point of ‘reflection,’ where business owners find themselves thinking about scale and growth. With these objectives in mind, they often go through a similar process, first identifying a product or service that they can scale, exploring a new or untapped market to market to, and, in some cases, becoming more diligent about compliance and tax obligations. While these are all good initiatives, they may not be adequate to prepare these businesses for the next level of growth – attracting investment to help the business reach growth targets.

Many business owners struggle with this next step – finding an investor to provide that extra financial muscle, a capital injection that will take them to the next level. So, what does it take to be “investment ready” as a business?

To help with this unique challenge, this month’s COVID-19 Business Info Hub theme guides micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) on making their business investment-ready. Readers will learn a number of important lessons about business investment, including:

  • Understanding the different kinds of business investment ‘vehicles’
  • Identifying investment opportunities that work for your business
  • Recognizing the non-financial investments that may help businesses grow
  • What it takes for a business to become ‘investment-ready’

Through lessons from industry experts and interviews with experienced practitioners, business owners will learn what they need to do to put themselves in the right position to attract investment capital, understand the opportunities (or risks) they may face, and make their businesses as attractive to potential investors as possible. Similarly, readers will hear from MSMEs that have successfully attracted funding so they may learn from first-hand experience.

If you are looking for effective ways to attract investment funding and ultimately grow your business, keep following the COVID-19 Business Info Hub this month for more insights and relevant resources on making your business investment-ready!