Do you have an agribusiness with a climate-smart innovative solution? Apply for funding and business development support from CGIAR before 22 December 2022

The Consultative Group of International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), a global research partnership that unites organizations engaged in research on food security, invites applicants for the CGIAR Food Systems Accelerator program. The program aims to support agribusiness in scaling climate-smart innovations to solve pressing challenges in agribusiness value chains.

Successful applicants to the program will receive the following benefits:

  • Technical assistance from CGIAR scientists that encourages agribusinesses’ adoption and strengthens their compliance, safety, and accountability practices.
  • Technical assistance on impact measurement and management (IMM) from CGIAR scientists and experts.
  • Technical assistance on investment readiness from IFDC-2SCALE and its network to help secure private sector financing.
  • Provision of a de-risking Grant of USD 20,000 to four successful companies at the end of the program.
  • Access to investors and corporate partners to attract follow-on funding and potential business opportunities.

Interested agribusinesses must fulfill the following to apply:

  • Be legally registered and compliant with regulatory authorities. Applicants should present the following supporting information:
  • A Certificate of Incorporation for a Limited Company or Partnership Deed for a Partnership Business.
  • Two years of audited accounts.
  • Contact details of the company’s references.
  • Team composition.
  • Curriculum Vitae for the management
  • Tax Compliance Certificate.
  • Have a clear inclusive strategy for smallholder farmers, women, and youth within the business model in at least one of the dimensions: ownership, management team, workforce and policies, supply chain, and/or customers.
  • Be a for-profit company and demonstrate commercial viability and either be profitable or on the path to profitability. NGOs, corporate companies, and consultants will not be considered
  • Be operating in the following countries: Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia

For more information on the program, visit: CGIAR Food Systems Accelerator

To apply, visit: Application


Are you a woman entrepreneur with a tech solution? Apply for the Les Margaret Awards before 9 January 2023

JFD, an international growth accelerator operating in Europe and Africa for women in tech invites applicants for the Les Margaret Awards. Women in tech will be awarded in three areas – entrepreneur, intrapreneur and junior, with each having a European and Africa winner. This year’s edition of the awards will focus on addressing the gender investment gap with “Invest in Her” theme.

Interested participants must have innovative solutions that address one or several societal or environmental issues and also create jobs and value for their country’s economies. Interested participants can apply for one of the three categories:

  • Entrepreneur: for female founders or co-founders of tech start-ups
  • Intrapreneur: for women working for companies that have developed an innovative project in agreement with their employer while still being employed
  • Junior: for girls aged between 7 and 18 years with an idea, concept or start-up project that addresses a problem through the application of technology or who have developed a prototype using one or more technologies

Successful participants in the entrepreneur and intrapreneur categories will receive media exposure worth EUR 1 million for a year along with access to major international events, digital equipment, mentorship, and funding through JFD partners. Juniors will receive tailored support for the development of their projects, digital equipment, and a EUR 1,000 scholarship. They will also be mentored and coached by the JFD partners and will benefit from high media exposure.

To apply for the Awards, visit: Applications


Are you a FoodTech or AgTech company in need of funding? Apply for the Growth Impact Accelerator program before 30 January 2023

GROW, a global agriculture and food technology accelerator invite applicants for the Growth Impact Accelerator Program, backed by AgFunder. The program seeks to support foodtech and agtech startups tackling the global challenge of sustainability. Through the program, successful applicants will receive USD 100,000 in investment funding from AgFunder. Participants will receive additional benefits including:

  • Access to growth partners for product testing, development, and scaling
  • Matching with global agrifood multinational corporations to support customer validation and feedback, deploying pilot projects, and securing new sales contracts
  • Access to AgFunder’s private and institutional investment global networks to support fundraising
  • Access to an experienced team of coaches and mentors
  • Access to physical workspace in Singapore (or virtual office address, if overseas) throughout the program duration
  • Access to media exposure and publicity through AgFunder’s news platform, events, and a demo day at the conclusion of the program
  • Support with Singapore EntrePass visa application through GROW’s partnership with Enterprise Singapore

Interested applicants should have solutions in the following areas:

  • Advancing smallholder farmers
  • Supply chain rationalization
  • Alt-proteins and novel foods and ingredients
  • Climate-smart agriculture and aquaculture
  • Personalized nutrition & health
  • Food waste valorization
  • Circular economy

To apply for the program, visit: Application form


Call for applications for the Anzisha Prize Fellowship program. Apply before 27 November 2022

The Anzisha Prize Fellowship program opened applications for young African entrepreneurs with businesses that have created job opportunities for youth in their communities. Through the program, successful applicants will be equipped with tools and resources to help them run successful businesses.

During the course of three years, the program will track the performance of the business and the entrepreneur. Businesses that demonstrate exceptional growth and initiative will be rewarded with benefits and services such as short courses, cloud services, and cash stipends. At the end of the second year, entrepreneurs will pitch their businesses for a chance to win their share of grand cash prizes valued at over $50 000.

The grand prizes are split into four categories:

  • Job creation prize
  • Revenue growth prize
  • Storytelling prize
  • Integrating systems and processes prize

The program is open to all young African entrepreneurs who fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be between 15 and 22 years old with an ID document or passport to present as evidence.
  • Be a national of an African country with a business based in Africa for African customers/beneficiaries
  • Have an operational business
  • Be a founding member or one of the founding members of the business

To apply, visit: Anzisha Prize Application

women entrepreneurship

Do you have a project focused on supporting women-led businesses in Africa? Apply for funding through the Women Entrepreneurship Enabler's program  before 11 November 2022

The African Development Bank Group‘s (AFDB) Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa (AFAWA) initiative has launched its second call for proposals for the Women Entrepreneurship Enablers program. The program supports projects that enhance the viability and sustainability of formal women-led small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and enables them to access financing opportunities to grow their businesses.

Through the initiative, AFDB is offering grants of up to $250,000 to organizations helping prepare African women-led businesses to drive the continent’s economies. The program targets women’s business associations, incubators, accelerators, women-led cooperatives, and civil society organizations that promote the development of women entrepreneurs on the continent.

Interested applicants should submit proposals demonstrating innovative approaches to building a supportive ecosystem for women’s entrepreneurship aimed at improving access to finance for women SMEs. Applicants are expected to develop a comprehensive and sustainable capacity-building program to enable access to finance in partnership with financial institutions.

To be eligible for funding, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Have projects implemented in more than two countries
  • Project duration should not exceed two years
  • Be based in Africa or provide evidence of partners with African entities
  • Be legally registered and operating for more than three years with strong financial and procurement procedures
  • Partnerships with public or private sector players are highly encouraged
  • Have experience in managing external funding and executing donor-funded projects

To apply, visit: AFAWA Applications


Are you an Agripreneur startup in need of capital investment? Apply for the AgriPitch Competition from Africa Development Bank

The Africa Development Bank (AFDB) invites African youth Agripreneurs to the AgriPitch Competition. The competition aims to support Agripreneurs focusing on building the profitability of their businesses and becoming investment ready.

Selected Agripreneurs will be trained and mentored in an interactive and tailored two-week training program to prepare them for presenting their businesses to investors. Participants will access virtual training sessions covering product development, marketing, business management logistics, revenue channel identification, and investment readiness. Additionally, winning Agripreneurs will have access to a total grant pool of USD 140,000 at the end of the competition.

The competition is open for three categories of youth Agripreneurs: early startups (at least three years), mature startups (more than three years), and women-empowered businesses. Interested participants must fulfill the eligibility criteria depending on their category.

For early startups, they must:

  • Be at the very early stage of developing ideas or concepts for Agripreneurship
  • Have a clearly defined prototype or proof of concept or a product introduced to the market

For mature startups, they must:

  • Have market traction with an existing product, technology, or service already in the market
  • Have a clear investment growth strategy or plan
  • Be a legally registered corporate entity

For women-empowered businesses, they must:

  • Meet eligibility requirements for either early startups or mature startups
  • Have a women founder or have women owning at least 51% of the business

The deadline for applying is on 4 November 2022

To apply for the competition, visit: Application forms

Does your business address educational challenges? Apply before 1 December 2022 for an opportunity to win $20,000 and other benefits

Does your business address educational challenges? Apply before 1 December 2022 for an opportunity to win $20,000 and other benefits

World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), an international, multi-sectoral platform for creative thinking, debate and purposeful action, invites applicants for the 2023 WISE Awards. The awards are a celebration of six successful and innovative projects addressing global educational challenges.

Interested applicants should have ongoing or existing projects in the field of education with the following qualities:

  • Have an excellent record of proven success
  • Be financially sustainable
  • Have a clear plan indicating the project’s future objectives and development
  • Be scalable
  • Be replicable in other contexts and regions of the world
  • Have a clear understanding and knowledge of:
  • Its innovative nature
  • Its distinctiveness within its sphere of action
  • The type and depth of its impact on its beneficiaries

Successful participants in the WISE Awards will be supported through different channels including:

  • Cash prize of USD 20,000 awarded to the winning projects.
  • Outstanding projects will be featured on the WISE website, showcased and shared with the WISE community via social media.
  • Special documentaries and videos will be produced to showcase the work of the winning projects.
  • Opportunity to be featured in WISE Books which explore current challenges and solutions facing 21st-century education.
  • Opportunity for winning projects to present and discuss their work at dedicated sessions during the global biennial summit in Doha, Qatar or WISE regional summits. In addition, projects are offered an opportunity to participate in global events organized in collaboration with WISE.
  • Opportunity for representatives of former winning projects to be involved in other WISE projects through mentorship, participation in the selection processes, and fellowship programs.

To apply for the WISE Awards, visit: Applications


Do you have a solution focused on improving health systems in Africa? Apply for the HealthTech Challenge before 21 October 2022

The HealthTech Hub Africa, a hybrid pan-African health tech accelerator founded by the Novartis Foundation, invites applicants for the second Africa HealthTech Challenge. The Hub is part of a new investment push that aims to revolutionize the development of health technologies designed by Africans for use in Africa and to help fast-track innovations in public health systems in direct collaboration with government leaders.

For the 2023 Cohort, the Challenge seeks up to 30 growth startups and 10 scaleups from the African continent with innovative business models that facilitate collaboration with local and national governments and aim to support health systems in their digital transformation journeys. The top three HealthTech startups in the growth track will receive $50,000, $30,000, and $20,000 in grants from The Novartis Foundation. Additionally, 2023 cohort startups and alumni are eligible to apply for exclusive funding and support from HealthTech Hub Africa partners. This will include growth and scaleup grants to help validate, improve, accelerate and scale solutions in African public health systems.

The Challenge is open to all HealthTech startups with the following mandatory conditions:

  • Have evidence of a legal entity registered in an African country
  • Clearly demonstrated population health impact through their solution
  • Have teams of two or more full-time employees can apply, and those with a more positive gender balance will be prioritized
  • Focus on one or more of the four thematic areas of the Hub: cardiovascular health, breast cancer, virtual health and care, and optimization of data-driven decision-making
  • Growth startups are not part of another accelerator program in the same year if they are selected

For more information on the Challenge, visit: HeatlthTech Hub Africa

To apply for the Challenge, visit: Application form

climate change

Does your business tackle climate change and environment challenges? Apply to win funding and mentorship from the Lead2030 Challenge before 21st October 2022

One Young World, a global community for young leaders in collaboration with Deloitte, a management consulting company invite young innovators to apply for the Lead2030 Challenge for the SGD13. Successful participants will receive a grant of USD 50,000 from Deloitte, sponsorship to participate in the One Young World Summit 2023, and 12 months of mentorship from a team of Deloitte professionals and partners. The Challenge seeks to support scalable youth-led solutions that:

  • Reduce the impacts of climate change, and/or empower others to act on climate change
  • Address root causes of the climate change
  • Demonstrate ability to drive impact and potential to scale
  • Collaborate with others to accelerate or broaden impact
  • Utilize innovative approaches

Interested participants should have a solution that fits these criteria:

  • Be evidently aligned with the SDG13 challenge
  • Be founded by youth between 18-30 years of age
  • Have a clear knowledge of key stakeholders, beneficiaries and reasonable proposed outcomes
  • Have a positive impact such as generating educational incomes, creation of employment or developing skills
  • Have an impact that can be adequately measured or be measurable
  • Be able to achieve efficiency and survive independently through the resources they generate and/or the investments and donations they attract
  • Be able to demonstrate potential to grow impact after expanding in scope or size and/or into other regions
  • Must rely on proven or readily available technology (relevant to the solution)

To apply for the Challenge, visit: Applications


tech start-up

Are you a tech start-up interested in funding? Apply for the Africa Startup Initiative Accelerator Program before 11 November 2022

Startupbootcamp Afritech, in partnership with Telecel Group, invites applicants for the Africa Startup Initiative Accelerator Program (ASIP). The program seeks to support tech start-ups in agritech and supply chain, fintech, internet of things (IoT) and connectivity, machine learning (data analytics), cybersecurity, lean tech, and regulatory technology.

Ten selected start-ups will receive EUR 15,000 in cash, more than EUR 500,000 in cloud credits, and exclusive deals from top tech providers such as Google, Miro Hubspot, and Amazon Web Services. Five to ten start-ups will be chosen to receive additional funding backed by Enrich in Africa, a project under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program. These five to ten start-ups will also have access to  other benefits, including:

  • Access to Euroquity community
  • Access to networking events
  • Follow-up support from Enrich in Africa project

Interested applicants must fulfill the following to apply:

  • Be formally incorporated/registered
  • Have at least two people working on the project and devoting 50% of their time to the business
  • Have existing customers using the product or services
  • Have proof that the business is generating revenues from the product or service

To apply, visit Applications.