In partnership with the African Management Institute and ConsumerCentriX, Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited is strengthening business skills capacity for 30 SME business enterprise clients under the Survive to Thrive capacity-building program aimed at Enabling Ugandan Entrepreneurs to Survive and Thrive.

The program, launched on Wednesday, 29th July 2022, has enrolled 30 SMEs from Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) and Stanbic Bank Business Clients, 11 of which are female business owners that will participate in the 6-month practical program. The scholarship-based program targets enterprises that employ a minimum of two full-time employees, generating revenue over $10,000, and are operational for more than a year. Participating businesses in the program represent diverse sectors, including transport, logistics, agribusiness, catering, and more.

The program – delivered through online and physical sessions – covers training in building business resilience, understanding key profitability drivers, building structures for success (empowering employees), understanding your market and customers, and short-term and long-term planning for growth – among other key topics and applicable learning themes that Stanbic Bank believes are crucial for enabling business enterprises to become more resilient – especially in a post-covid business environment and to move towards recovery and profitability. The program also provides participants access to the African Management Institute’s Pan African Network of other entrepreneurs – a networking opportunity for Ugandan businesses to learn from peers across the continent and apply practical lessons for growth locally.

“Through this training, I gained knowledge on marketing strategies and how to conduct customer segmentation. As a result, I was able to diversify my company’s product offering by including domestic tours offered to a niche segment in North Uganda to complement my existing international travel services.” Okello David Kiro, Great Africa Tours, Program graduate – Cohort 1

AMI’s previous cohort in 2021 enrolled 21 businesses that recounted key successes from the program, including: 88.9% of businesses indicated that the Survive to Thrive programme had achieved what they hoped it would achieve – with a 100% business survival rate, 46% growth in revenues, and an average of 3.5 jobs created per company.

“This program is a part of a series of interventions we are working on in collaboration with ConsumerCentriX and our partners at KACITA to help improve our SMEs’ knowledge and survival rate. Businesses are going through a difficult phase after the pandemic, and with the increasingly difficult macro-economic environment, our job is to equip them with the knowledge and skills to survive through it all and thrive.” Aaron Akampa, Head Direct Digital and E-commerce at Stanbic Bank Uganda.

Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited continues to view the training program as key to equipping ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners across Africa with the skills, tools, and strategies to navigate challenges in the business environment to thrive – now and in the future. The AMI ongoing training cohort 2022 will graduate in December 2022.