The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Uganda, a national saving scheme, launched a Financial Literacy Action. Through this initiative, NSSF seeks to support Ugandans by equipping them with financial and investment knowledge to enable them to make informed financial decisions.

Entrepreneurs and business owners will have the opportunity to enroll in a three-month program free of charge. Training topics cover entrepreneurship, business hubs, personal investment, increasing income inflows, and professional growth.

In order to enroll, participants are only required to subscribe to the program online. The training is offered via several channels, including an online platform, workplaces, peer cohorts, and institutional setups such as rotary and churches. Upon completion of the program, participants will be awarded certification in personal finance management.

This program is implemented in partnership with financial regulators such as the Capital Market Authority, Insurance Regulatory Authority, Bank of Uganda and Uganda Retirement Benefits Regulatory Authority.

To register visit: Financial Intelligence Program