If you’ve ever heard of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification, you may think that it is meant solely for large businesses; however, ISO certification offers benefits for small businesses as well. The certification involves documenting your business’s practices, processes, and procedures and can have real impacts on your bottom line.

ISO certification, which is under the responsibility of the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), requires  documentation of procedures, internal audits, management reviews, management of non-conformances, and compliance audits. While this may seem daunting for small business owners, its benefits include:

Improving tender success: Have you ever been beaten at a contract because your competitor is certified? If your business is ISO certified, you are more likely to get the contract because you are demonstrating your commitment to providing a quality service regardless of your company size.

Increasing customer satisfaction: Satisfied customers are the primary target for any size business. ISO certification ensures you have the processes and procedures in place to identify and resolve customer issues better and more efficiently.

Improving business efficiency: When you are a small business, efficient use of resources is critical to your success. ISO certification ensures you have the tools to reduce wasted time, money, and effort.

Jovan Nizeyimaana, an ISO expert accredited by My FDA Registrar Corp,  explains that the duration and cost of certification depend on several factors. These include your business sector, annual turnover, number of employees and if you require an industry-specific accreditation. From your first consultation, the certification process can take as little as 45 days or more, depending on the size and complexity of your business.   Jovan Nizeyimaana encourages small business owners to seek ISO certification if they are ambitious and positioning their businesses to grow.

Patricia Bageine Ejalu, Deputy Executive Director in charge of standards at UNBS, highlights that although ISO certification is still voluntary in Uganda, it is compulsory for businesses that want to access some markets in Europe and America. She advises companies start the ISO certification journey by accessing ISO training and relevant standards from UNBS on  https://unbs.go.ug//content.php?src=training-calendar&pg=content  and https://webstore.unbs.go.ug/ respectively.

For more information on ISO certification,

Email:  certification@unbs.go.ug

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