In late 2019, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni launched the Security Interest in Movable Property Registry System (SIMPO), a registry that allows individuals and businesses to use movable assets as collateral for loans. Movable assets include crops, equipment, vehicles, intellectual property assets, and other items owned by individuals and small business owners – different from land, which most financial institutions require as collateral for loans.

What does SIMPO do?

The SIMPO registry system was developed by Uganda Registration Services Bureau and established as a fully electronic platform open to secured creditors and borrowers. The system enables secured creditors (such as financial institutions) to register their security interests in movable assets. It then notifies the public of what securities the financial institution allows for a transaction. This information is helpful for an SME to know which movable assets are allowable by financial institutions for borrowing.

Why is it important?

SIMPO facilitates access to credit for individuals and entrepreneurs who lack property such as land but have movable assets that can be pledged as collateral for loans. Currently, the system has 115 lender accounts, including 21 commercial banks, 17 microfinance institutions, and 22 moneylenders. These lenders have registered a total of 8,992 facilities extended to borrowers, including 8,455 individuals, 372 micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and 165 others.

How do I access the system?

Uganda Registration Services Bureau will provide information upon request through their website SIMPRS | Homepage (, including a user guide on how to create a client account, log in, and carry out searches. Generally, only secured creditors like commercial banks, microfinance institutions, savings and credit cooperative organizations, leasing companies, judgement lien holders and their representatives are authorized to create user accounts and effect registrations through the online portal at However, anyone can conduct an electronic search on the system to determine whether a particular movable asset is registered as collateral and even request a certified search report.

Uganda Registration Services Bureau is providing weekly training to help people access and use the system. To book a spot in an upcoming session, send a request via email to

For more information, contact Stella Kakwezi, Head Chattels Securities Registration, Uganda Registration Services Bureau on,

Telephone: 0779031320