Since the pandemic started, small businesses have dealt with ongoing disruptions in business activities caused by lockdowns and other preventative measures. For many, operations have gone virtual, which can lead to being online 24/7. These changes have made it hard for many business owners to set boundaries between work and personal life, which is key to a successful business and a sense of well-being.

Here are a few tips to help you set healthy boundaries, which can help keep you energized, motivated, and productive.


  • If you are working from a shop or other location, take time to reflect on your way to and from your business. Many business owners have begun walking to and from home to cut transport costs and crowding. Use this time well by asking yourself what went well for the day, thinking about any challenges you faced and how you responded to them and planning something to look forward to. This quick reflection can help you stay on top of your business activities, maintain a positive mindset, and avoid worrying about work when you are home.
  • If you are working from home, set office hours—schedule breaks for meals and a quick break from your computer or phone. Stretch or take a short walk once every hour or two. These steps can make you less vulnerable to distractions, eliminating wasted time. Exercise and regular meals are also important to a productive mindset.
  • Home offices have become inevitable for many, and unfortunately, can lead to feeling like work is taking over your home. To avoid this, create a designated space in your home to work. A small table or desk in a specific spot used just for work can create this sense of physical distance, making it easier to return to your personal life when the work day is done. It will also send a signal to your family that you are working and minimize the likelihood that you are disrupted.

While none of these tips will solve the challenges of achieving a good work-life balance on their own, they are a strong place to start. Let us know how they work for you via this email