Register for the Abantu webinar on running African businesses in the second year of COVID-19.


Abantu Impact Foundation invites you to register and participate in the upcoming webinar on running African businesses in the second year of COVID-19. The webinar will respond to African entrepreneurs, requesting information on tackling the growing challenges they face as the world navigates the second year of the pandemic. The successive waves of the pandemic across Africa have led to instituting lockdowns that directly affected businesses.

Today businesses are seeking insights to help them navigate challenges that range from staffing, reduced markets and broken supply chains. At the same time, ways how to generate revenue to continue paying taxes, rent and salaries. Entrepreneurs will share experiences and challenges and learn about solutions accessible for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to survive the region’s current economic downturn. 


Date: 31 August 2021

Time:  07:00 pm – EAT


Keynote speakers

1. Abidemi Sonoiki, CEO, Noik Energy Limited, Nigeria

2. Manuela P Mulondo, CEO and Founder, The Cradle, Uganda 


How to register

To attend the webinar, register here before 23 August 2021.

Reserving a place at the webinar gives you free membership of Abantu Connect, a growing international, borderless community committed to supporting African businesses. 


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