The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Uganda and the rest of the world. As Uganda comes out of a second lockdown, many small businesses are wondering how to re-launch operations and what they will do to stay afloat should further preventative measures cause additional disruptions. We’re here to help.

This month, the COVID-19 Business Info Hub will focus on a key strategy business owners can implement to plan for future disruptions – business continuity and recovery planning. Recent discussions with entrepreneurs and others in the SME ecosystem in Uganda have highlighted the importance of this strategy in the current environment. It was a key topic in a recent interview we conducted with Edward Katende, Chief Executive Officer of Uganda Agribusiness Alliance(UAA), and it came up during a discussion we had with Basil Mwotta, Chief Executive Officer of AgroDuuka Uganda Limited who shared the strategies he used that kept his business running despite challenges brought on by the lockdown.

Through discussions with experts and entrepreneurs with deep experience in this space, the COVID-19 Business Info Hub will focus on helping SMEs understand how to go about business continuity and recovery planning, including how to develop a plan, when and how to implement it, and where to access financing to cover key related expenses.

If you are interested in delving deeper into business continuity and recovery planning as a strategy to respond to the pandemic and better prepare for the next crisis, keep following the COVID-19 Business Information Hub this month!