Webinar: Entrepreneurial competencies

Key takeaways from the Abantu Impact Foundation webinar: Entrepreneurial competencies – making African businesses survive and thrive in a pandemic

The Abantu Impact Foundation is an Africa-focused social impact organization that exists to reduce poverty in sub-Saharan Africa by investing in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to help them become engines of economic development. In a bid to realize their purpose, on 18th February 2021, the foundation held a webinar entitled: Entrepreneurial Competencies– Making African businesses survive and thrive in the pandemic”. The speakers were Dr. Justina Mutale, Founder & President of Justina Mutale Foundation for Leadership, and Ms. Gugu Ndebele, Executive Director of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls (OWLAG).

The webinar focused on providing practical information to African entrepreneurs on how to break barriers to collaboration and seek new opportunities in the face of the challenges caused by the pandemic. The entrepreneurs were advised to embrace the Africa free common market (AfCFTA) to benefit from trade opportunities. The speakers also advised that SME growth during this tough time requires adapting to the situation at hand and ensuring entrepreneurs are innovative, creative and agile to remain competitive in the market. Panelists emphasized that entrepreneurs need practical skills in critical thinking and problem solving to be able to overcome different challenges. For details about the webinar watch the recording on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LSyPIdYHdw.

During the webinar, Abantu Impact Foundation’s CEO, Keith Kibirango, launched the Abantu COVID-19 Resilience Fund for SMEs at risk of business closure as a result of the pandemic. The fund is accessible to SMEs within the Sub-Saharan region in the sectors of agribusiness, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, education and renewable energy. Beneficiaries will have access to long-term soft loans plus information on how to strategize and diversify their businesses.


For details about the Abantu COVID-19 Resilience Fund, email info@abantuimpactfoundation.org.