The COVID-19 Business Info Hub spoke with SHONA, an East African Business Development Services company, to understand how they are supporting businesses in the region. Here is what you need to know:

SHONA provides business advisory services and training to help SMEs grow revenues and become profitable. Their goal is to build a thriving East African private sector driven by good businesses. SHONA defines these businesses as those that positively benefit society, including customers, employees, owners, value-chain partners and the community in which they are based. Since 2014, SHONA has worked with over ninety three businesses that together have created over 1,700 jobs, raised $33 million (over 123.1 billion Uganda shillings) in capital, served more than 470,000 customers, and contributed over $10 million in taxes to East African economies.

To date, SHONA has run multiple courses on a demand basis to support businesses to survive and recover from the impact of Covid-19.  The most popular include Financial Management (Cash Management Cycle, Managing Cash Flows & an Intro to Funding), Digital Marketing (Growing online clientele), and Boosting Sales (Recovering revenue lost because of Covid-19). There are opportunities to participate at low or no cost. The Financial Management course is currently being offered for free, Digital Marketing is offered at a cost of UGX 100,000, and Boosting Sales is available at a cost of UGX 200,000 with the option of a free scholarship to select businesses.

In addition to its course offerings, SHONA has also curated a list of funding opportunities available for entrepreneurs. The need for cash for liquidity has always been high up on the priority list for businesses, and this need has increased significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic. A list of resources, which is updated continuously, is available HERE.

Understanding the existing struggles faced by SMEs and how these have been exacerbated by the pandemic, SHONA urges businesses to focus on protecting employees, understanding business risks, and managing cash flow disruptions during this time. SHONA offers resources on business continuity and managing your cash in a crisis and rebuilding and reviving your business after a crisis.  SHONA also provides tailored advisory services supporting businesses in developing business recovery strategies and plans that can be immediately operationalized. For more information, email:

How to get in touch

Address: Plot 8, Suna II Road, Ntinda, Kampala.

Tel: +256791052406